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McGirr record

Alice Eakle Marks
Bringing home the beacon...
Old Beacon Donated for Alice Marks' Air Mail Trail history project
alice claps
beacon arrives

A salute to Brian Richardson now of Platteville, CO, who restored and donated the beacon to Alice's Air Mail Trail history project. It is a "dream come true," said Alice.

Special thanks to Brian for this donation. He learned of the project from this web site. If you would like to make a donation, please email

Alice greets Cliff Sanderlin, daughter Heather's husband, who drove from Seattle, picked up the beacon in Fairplay, CO, and brought it to Illinois, June 2002.

(Right) Alice and Heather.

(Below) Alice's niece, Terry (Eakle) McAnaney and her husband Gary of Fairplay, CO, worked with Heather and Cliff to pick up the beacon from Brian in Moab, Utah. They stored it in their garage for Heather and Alice until arrangements were made for the final leg of the journey. This was teamwork at its finest!
Alice thanks Cliff

Alice & Heather with beacon
Terry & Gary loading beacon
Cliff & Gary in Fairplay
Beacon committee
The beacon "committee" in Waterman, IL. (L-R) Heather Marks (Alice's daughter) , Dea Eakle Andress (Alice's sister), Cliff Sanderlin and Alice Marks. Dea is a board member of the Waterman Area Heritage Society which is participating in Alice's Air Mail Trail beacon project.

(Below) Supporters of the beacon project are Dea Eakle Andress, Mary Eakle (Terry's mother), Heather Marks, Joey (Eakle) Clark, Doug Clark (standing) and Cliff Sanderlin.
beacon supporters